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May 30, 2018

Welcome to my website!

I have been wanting to get this thing up for, well, for years. The last few months it's been hanging over me big time, and after numerous conversations with trusted souls and the help of my daughter I got my head into the space to make it happen and I got it done,  I am proud of it, and it was fun. I have also been tossing the blogging thing around in my head for years as well, so here we go...


I came up with the name of my business right away after getting my teacher certification mainly because I knew the hawk had to be there because the hawk is always here for me. When I take those online quizzes to find out what my spirit animal is, hawk I am not. But I see them EVERYWHERE, mainly because they are everywhere here, and I notice all of them and I have ASSIGNED the hawk as my spirit animal. The web site All Totems says this about the hawk :



The hawk totem is a messenger of insight, adaptability and openness, it is also about visionary power and guardianship. Hawk’s spirit teaches us to be observant and to pay attention to what we may overlook. This could mean a talent we don’t use, a blessing for which we haven’t expressed gratitude, or a message from the universe. The hawk has keen eyesight, it is about opening our eyes and seeing that which is there to guide us. Hawk spirit awakens vision and inspires us to a creative life purpose. Look to the world around you for there are totem symbols buried in everything."


I worked in the public libraries in Saint Paul Minnesota for 14 years and I was bored out OF MY MIND!! I was raised in Minneapolis and I raised my family in Saint Paul and both my husband and I were so so tired of the winters and the city we knew that something had to give, or we were going to implode. Everything was gray. We were both, not happy. We had done an extensive amount of traveling in our lives with the kids and without and we decided that it was time to find somewhere sunny to live, not in the Midwest. I will talk more about the years that followed and how we actually did all of this in future posts, but for the moment, I want to get the short version out so I can post my first blog post on the ol' interwebs!!


The hawk totem is about vision and creative life purpose and we had to have a whole bunch of those things to do what we did, which was to leave behind everything and everyone we knew to start a new life, build a home that we wanted to live in and create a Sanctuary that we could retire in, and blossom into something genuine and heart centered. About 2 years after purchasing our property here in Anza I asked the Universe to direct my path and let me know, please, what I should be doing with myself here and it really was a large bellow of a voice that  chimed in my brain and it said, "yoga teacher". And I knew in that instant that that was what I would DO with my next chapter, and I have.



This is a picture of our house that my husband built with his hands, our Sanctuary, and it is HOME.



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May 30, 2018

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